Maintenance Contracts

Oct 22 2013

Some of the buildings we maintain include:

Avida Bar, Featherston Bar and Leuven Belgian Beer Café (Wellington) – Contracted by Wellington businessman Russell Scott, Envirogroup was required to design and build air conditioning and kitchen ventilation systems as well as provide plumbing and gasfitting refurbishment for these three inner city bars.

We now maintain their Infinities units, AHU and kitchen exhausts hoods and ducts. Our PPM is based on quarterly visits with scheduled maintenance procedures to all mechanical and ventilation components. We also advise on strategies for planned equipment replacement and in the event of equipment failure provide a 24hr response within an hour of being contacted.

port 1 port 2


Tower building (Wellington) 

port 3

– We carry out preventative maintenance work on chillers, boilers, FCUs (including filters, fresh air and exhaust air fans), toilet exhaust systems and chilled and heating water pipe work on 7 x 1,500 m2 tenanted floors. Our service consists of bi-monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly and yearly inspections and extends to remote BMS monitoring of plant operation with provision of regular service reports.



Contact Energy offices in the Harbour City Tower building (Wellington)

port 4

– We carry out regular inspections and maintenance of the air conditioning units and toilet extract systems, including IT server room and BMS  controls.



Radio New Zealand House (Wellington)

port 5

– One of our oldest mechanical services preventative maintenance contract, which has been ongoing since 1999.





Soho Apartment Building (Wellington) 

port 6

– After designing and installing a complete remote cold and hot water metering solution to the 330 apartments and retail stores in the building, we now maintain the system including meters, water pipe work, hot water gas boilers and storage tanks and provide a fast 24-hour call out service for hot water shortages due to equipment failure.




Multi-level apartment complexes in Auckland and Wellington – For several years we have been providing preventative and comprehensive maintenance programmes to dozens of apartment buildings in both Auckland and Wellington comprising thousands of individual apartments. We maintain the cold, hot and waste water transportation systems including pipe work and ancillaries (pumps, valves etc) and the domestic hot water plants including boilers and storage tanks guaranteeing a fast 24-hour call out service for hot water shortages due to equipment failure.

In most buildings, having provided smart cold and hot water metering solutions, we also maintain thousands of remote water meters and associated data loggers and offer engineering support for internet based readings via our proprietary monitoring software.

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