We currently maintain the mechanical services in almost 70 commercial or large residential apartment buildings in both Wellington and Auckland and our team of qualified and experienced technicians have a proven record of quality service, reliability, friendliness and professionalism. Read more about our portfolio here.
roofOur Maintenance Programmes incorporate inspections and reporting procedures that ensure the plant and equipment we maintain are not just fit for purpose but also operate, are controlled and managed efficiently and cost effectively.

We usually create an asset database for each site and then generate site specific Preventative Maintenance Task Sheets with description and frequency of the work required and, when necessary, incorporate recommendations and estimates on additional future work for budgeting purposes.

This process is facilitated by our newly acquired job management software simPRO, which offers, alongside improved project management capabilities, many other features such as more effective asset maintenance and real-time on-site connectivity for staff in the field.

This means that our on-the-road team members are always within reach, can access the asset database and the maintenance planner, can share and allocate resources and can generate quotes all on the spot.

Our customers will benefit from this high level business integration too, as they will be able to access all of their asset management history via the customer management portal and get a comprehensive and up to date view on job history and invoices.

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