Utility Metering

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We have been installing and maintaining embedded network utility meters to apartments since the last 1990’s with proven results of up to 30% reduction in water and gas consumption; our experience has shown that metering provides an auditable and fair vehicle for covering the network utility life cycle costs.

Since mid-2005 we have been developing initially hard-wired and now wireless metering solutions that incorporate remote access data collection with a remote isolation facility for both gas and water.  Our associated company Wireless Metering NZ Ltd is the exclusive Australasian distributor of the envirometerTM brand, a new generation wireless metering equipment designed as a direct replacement for obsolete pulse and manual metering systems that offer reduced installation cost and minimise site installation time.

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Our wireless networks represent a considerably easier and more cost effective solution than hard wired metering configurations especially in retrofit applications or where physical constraints limit access to meters for reading and/or connection and disconnection. Remote water isolation is a feature unique to the envirometerTM product in New Zealand and enables a full User-Pays metering solution with reduced debtor risk and lower bond and connection fees for consumers. Read more about the envirometerTM products and solutions here.